Scribbler / Illustrator at Cleverclip


Scribbler / Illustrator

Full-Time in Bern, CH - Remote OK - Design


Cleverclip Ltd. is a fast growing startup from Berne (Switzerland). Since April 2013 we pursue one simple goal: Helping people getting their ideas across in a meaningful and lasting way. We achieve this by producing explainer videos, infographics and fully animated presentations for large and small companies. We are a team of 23 (hopefully soon 24) passionate artists, animators, illustrators, storytellers and designers from around the world. We work and live in San José, Berlin, Zurich, Kuala Lumpur and in a small town in the middle of nowhere in Russia.

We are looking for a highly talented illustrator and scribbler who knows how to visually illustrate ideas. We embrace those who see things differently and aren’t afraid to experiment. As our leading “scribbler” you will develop the storyboards and concept art for our whiteboard explainer videos.

Your technical skills and keen aesthetic eye for visual storytelling will help you transform concepts and ideas into masterpieces that inspire audiences around the globe. Join our young and aspiring team and help us out to make the world less complicated.


• Lead Designer for our whiteboard explainer videos
• Develop individual storylines for our high profile customers
• Work collaboratively with Project Management
• Communicate effectively through storyboards and detailed concept art
• Work remotely and autonomously


• Basic skills in Adobe After Effects and/or TVPaint
• Experience with drawing on tablets
• Sufficient skills in video storyboarding
• Your portfolio should demonstrate a high level of creativity
• High English skills
• Ability to manage multiple projects under tight deadline pressures

Perks and Benefits

• You’ll work mostly with cool people (Not all of us are cool. But the majority is)
• Remote work: Work wherever and whenever you want
• Creative freedom (Makes sense, right?)
• Yearly company retreat. Once a year we all meet and hang out together. This year we met in Bali, Indonesia
• Gadgets - Whatever you need to get things going